In Matters of Love & Hate by Mike Sylvester

In Matters of Love & Hate by Mike Sylvester

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IN MATTERS OF LOVE AND HATE, Mike Sylvester explores issues of love, hate, sex, marriage, relationships, betrayal and many other issues in four exciting, provocative and realistic short stories.


“When Dreams Are Too Big To Fail” is a story about a pauper’s dream.  It features Kevin Anthony, a self-made millionaire who is afraid of marriage and commitment and has been keeping his woman of many years and mother of his children at bay.  He now faces an ultimatum; shape up or shape out.


“In Shattered Lives,” Mike examines what can only be described as emotional terrorism.  Unfortunately, the events unfolding in the story are common practices in everyday society.


In the “Slagoon From Hell” Adrian Cato, the main character in the story crosses path with a she devil who is on a mission with instructions from Satan himself.


In the fourth and final story, “The Hostile Witness,” a young man defends his honour in the courts including in a high profile international case of which he knows nothing about.


Praise for "In Matters of Love & Hate"


“Nail biting!! This was a very good read. I felt as if I was there.  I will definitely recommend it.  Hope to get some more titles from Mike”

Quamme Joseph, Author


“….Your writing pulls the reader in leaving them unable to do anything but to get to the next page…..”

Carvel A C, Public Servant

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