Between a Rock and a Very Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Very Hard Place

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Between a Rock and Very Hard Place by Mike Sylvester


In a series of unfortunate events, Michael Patrice, a young, energetic, and successful businessman finds himself incarcerated at the Richmond Hill Prison on the beautiful island of Grenada, robbed of the opportunity to woo Vanessa the woman of his dreams and, perhaps, to ever walk free again. By some twist of fate, he escapes and lands in the USA under a new name and a new face as Jordan Cole. As the plot thickens, he wins Vanessa's heart and they now have a son.


Years later, Vanessa is excited to return to her homeland to introduce her parents to Jordan Cole, their future son-in-law and their grandson, Derrick Cole.


Michael Patrice, aka Jordan Cole has found himself in a sticky situation. Should he reveal his true identity to Vanessa and risk losing his family? Should he run while he still can, or should he return to Grenada and risk being found out?


This book contains strong coarse language, intense sexual situations, violence and is specifically written for open-minded, mature audiences. 


    ©2019 by Mike Sylvester