Carnival Madness

As the so-called Financial Jet LI, I couldn't resist the temptation to vent on social media about two disturbing Carnival trends that I have picked up on.

The first one is fete prices this Carnival. This seems to be a big discussion topic around the place these days. Someone commented to me that just now we have to take loans to go to a fete. I couldn't agree more. Imagine having to take your wife or girl to one fete costing $400 per ticket. That's $800 just for the tickets. ADD hairdo, outfit, nails, gas for the car and so on and that will take you up to about $2,000, which is a very conservative estimate. Well don't talk about VIP and VVIP sections. They take the cake and the baking tin as well.

The thing about it is while some of us are complaining, people are coming up with the big bucks to go "fete after fete after fete" as the songwriter put it. I am still trying to wrap my head around how this is possible, especially knowing the average salary in Grenada.

Well one thing is for sure. The economy booming as Calypsonian, The Beast, coined it. The place has money circulating.

Undoubtedly, there is a strong demand for fetes, especially around this time and promoters are mushrooming all over the place and positioning themselves to get a bite of the cherry, if not the whole thing. I am even considering becoming a promoter myself. So look out for Summertime promotions or the Financial Jet Li promotions. Stay tuned for more information by joining BFCs mailing list via Become a member for free for more updates on this, including additional blog posts such as this one.

On another note, some of the promoters have to do better. You can't be asking for that kind of sums and leaving patrons feeling as if they were conned. Imagine after paying over "two glasses man" to go to an all inclusive event, to be told "food done." To make matters worse, there were no decent drinks available. Well, to be fair, that's an unfair statement. But it pained me that the only drink that made sense to me on the drinks' list was a stag. Having said that, i do not blame the promoter. I will continue to chastise myself and hold me in my own contempt for buying a ticket without doing my usual due diligence.

The second one is on the lyrical content in some of our songs. It is clear that the Carnival is getting bigger, and perhaps, better. I know that's debatable, especially as some do not wish to be called a jab, in reference to the 100k Grenadian jab jabs. But like it or not, Grenada's carnival, including the music is growing by leaps and bounds, especially with the recent successes of some our artists. But one thing that caught my attention the other night was a rendition by one of our popular artists, about "spending all we money on rum and fun etc." For me, this song was worse than the notorious "demons rise." Seeing big people jumping to this song was bad enough but what got me scared was when i heard my little nephew repeating the song- word for word. I could not contain myself.

So my friends, i want to end this short post with some tips to consider during the remainder of the festive season.

1. Do not spend all your money trying to attend all the events that are being advertised. Make a budget. choose wisely, and stick to it.

2. Avoid the mistake of trying to keep up with the Joneses. You can wear your clothes twice to go to events. You don't have to buy a VIP ticket to be a VIP. You were born a VIP.

3. Think about the future. To paraphrase the popular Calysonian, The Black Wizard, life continues after carnival. Remember the new school term is just around the corner. Spending all your money on rum is beyond stupid.

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Until next time.

Mike Sylvester aka The Financial Jet LI

Founder and Host of Better Future Conversations with Mike Sylvester

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